What Is A Goal, Why & How To Reach It?

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Why bother having a Goal?

No achievement is possible without first having a clear goal. Any action presupposes a goal. Just to get out of bed a goal is required – to get to work for example. Without a well-defined goal, we are simply subject to chance or controlled by other people’s wishes. Being affected by random life circumstances, sometimes “blessed”, sometimes “cursed” but generally just going through life on auto-pilot. Our only opportunity to live fully, as navigator of our own ships is by having a well-defined goal based on our core desires and dreams.
A carefully chosen and thoroughly defined goal becomes a mental light house that pulls our thoughts and emotions towards the shores of our treasure island. It can be a very fast motorboat, that requires you simply to press a button and hold the stirring wheel. Because the right aim fuels us emotionally and focuses our attention and actions to the point where our progress is almost effortless. Like executing a carefully designed algorithm on a computer. The right goal is like a magnet, that with time, if our perseverance and intentions are strong enough, turns us into magnets, and we begin to attract useful people, useful information and opportunities. It feels as though the whole universe starts to support us on our journey.
At this point all that is required of us is to watch out for strong streams that may take us to unwanted directions. If we remind ourselves of our goal and let the “why” reach and fuel our motorboat of emotions, we will stay on course. To make sure we are making conscious choices towards fulfilling our purpose in life, the universe has a way to challenge us and ask us “are you sure this is what you want?”. Each time we answer positively by overcoming the obstacle and staying on track, we become more powerful magnets and then the universe will supply us with everything we need.

How to define the right Goal?

A Goal must feel like an exciting project. Like a garden that you are happy to grow and nourish each morning. But most importantly the goal needs to be achievable, measurable and concrete:
1) Achievable – it has to be possible; it has to be suitable for your abilities as you currently know yourself. You need to know internally that YOU CAN DO IT, even if everyone around you says you can’t.
2) Concrete – it must be very specific and well defined. You must be able to clearly picture yourself there, in the future reaching this goal, even to the point of seeing yourself celebrating your sweet success.
3) Measurable – your goal needs to have a final deadline, and deadlines for each milestone. It needs to have a numerical value so that you can know on a daily basis whether you’re getting closer or not. You have to know if you’re on track, so you can celebrate your progress, or redirect yourself in case you are beginning to stray away from your original course.
These are the three pillars of setting the right goal. Without these conditions you don’t really have a goal, it might be a dream or a vague desire, and it will get you nowhere in the long run.

Goal setting as a means to self-realization:

  1. More important than achieving a single goal, is:
    Learning how to achieve goals. Acquiring the engine which is fueled by carefully specified aims and produces self-esteem, confidence, and will power. which enables us to set and achieve even bigger goals. Or as Jesus put it: “if you give a man a fish, he will eat today, but teach a man to fish and he will eat forever.”
  2. Self-fulfillment and Self-Realization: The process of setting goals and achieving them brings us each time to the peak of the closest mountain, from this peak we are able to see the next, even higher mountain and conquer it. With each iteration, after achieving the goal, we can regroup and ask ourselves, are we fully satisfied? Are we truly happy now? If the answer is no, great!! this just means that we haven’t found our core desire yet and so we can continue our quest for self-fulfillment. We attain the opportunity to ask ourselves once again: what is missing? What do we truly want? And now based on our current, much wider perspective and deeper understanding of ourselves we are able to set a new bigger goal which better represents our core, our Atman (the Sanskrit word for Soul), with the potential to reveal more of who we truly are, and understand our true purpose in life. This is the process of finding true and deep self-fulfillment.


What Is STORIA’s Mission?
STORIA’S Mission is to help people realize and express their true selves, by training them to become their own inner guides that manage their internal and external resources in order to create the lives they envision.

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