Life Is How You Tell Your Story


STORIA is a platform for making dreams come true. It is a process which extracts your core dreams and
desires and quantifies them into concrete daily actions represented by the STORIA Map.

STORIA Map is a work plan which engages the thoughts, the emotions and the body and allows you to
create a clear path towards your true desires. The Map integrates and arranges a lot of information in a
simple visual representation. It includes concrete daily actions towards your goal, and is supported by
various techniques and tools that motivate you and help you to overcome obstacles along the way.

We use Guided Meditations, Visualizations, Introspective Exercises, Integrated Yoga, Brighu Yoga, and the Journey Method.

It takes a minimum of four consecutive sessions to create your STORIA Map. We recommend that your sessions will be once a week for mental continuity.

It is possible but we strongly recommend against long intervals between sessions. Continuity is very important for the quality and effectiveness of this process.

Once you built your STORIA Map you have officially completed the process. Now you have a personal tool that will guide you towards achieving your goal. If you wish to go deeper into the different aspects and techniques of the map, we recommend that you join STORIA group sessions or set up personal sessions if needed.

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