Creating Our Life Story

We all encounter difficulties in life, but how we manage ourselves in those tough situations is what makes us so unique. Some of us run and ignore the problems, some of us freeze in depression, and some choose to fight.
But there are other ways to approach life, there are hidden doors and secret pathways within us. And once we get to know them, once we break the cycle and learn to manage our thoughts, emotions and behavior a bit differently, we quite literally become magicians and narrators of our Life’s Story.



STORIA is an original, holistic approach to support self-healing and self-improvement. This method stands primarily on three consecutive pillars: Purification –> Strengthening –> Creation. It incorporates visual guided meditations, introspective exercises, images, stories, key words and therapeutic methods in order to construct the STORIA Map, which shows us exactly where we stand, where we want to go and how to get there. 

How It All Started?

STORIA was initially designed to help me as a mother to persevere on my quest to heal my son, Arieldavid. He was born with a chronic life-threatening condition called Hadad Syndrome, and was connected to a ventilation machine from birth. On the day Arieldavid was born, I made a promise to him, that regardless of his condition, he will have an amazing life. But I wasn’t prepared for all the challenges. I was constantly stressed, and worried. My life became very unstable financially, physically and emotionally. I felt sad, frustrated and helpless. And most of all I was torn by the heartbreaking pain of seeing my beloved son suffer. I realized that in order to help him, something needs to change. I had to overcome these challenges and become motivated, strong, and relaxed, on a daily basis. And so, I created STORIA. STORIA helped me to construct a clear image (STORIA Map) that enabled me to redirect my energy and resources to healing my son. I left my career as a successful exhibition designer and began to study different healing techniques. For over thirteen years, since his birth in 2005, thanks to STORIA, I’ve been keeping my promise alive. Never forgetting my goal, I became more resilient, calm and focused. Day by day I kept cultivating the conditions my son needed to heal, and today, against all odds, Arieldavid is living a full and happy life. He breaths independently during the day, he attends school regularly, he climbs, plays, and rides horses. And although we still face health and cognitive challenges, I can honestly say that internally he is healthy, and his body is constantly becoming stronger. 




STORIA sessions and/or workshops are intended to support and self-empower people and do not serve to replace medical/psychological treatment.